When architectural plans call for a certain type of HVAC system, Watts Engineering offers the solutions to help bring those plans to life. For sixty years, we have worked with architects, along with engineers and other construction professionals to provide high-quality HVAC equipment and components from trusted manufacturers, resulting in HVAC systems that are safe, efficient and reliable.

Broad Range of Applications

Watts Engineering provides HVAC equipment to suit architectural plans of all types, from smaller buildings to vast complexes. We serve the HVAC needs of virtually all facets of construction, including:

Commercial buildings
Residential homes
Multi-family dwellings
High-rise buildings
Government facilities
Hospitality facilities
Plants and factories
Health and fitness facilities
Healthcare facilities, science labs and research facilities (which often require specialized HVAC equipment)
Elementary, high school and college campuses
…and many others.

Trusted Manufacturers

Because of our firm commitment to quality, we represent only the most trusted manufacturers in our industry. We are authorized representatives for brand names like Titus, Ruskin, Berner, Ebtron and others. To our clients, the products we sell are a direct reflection of the quality of our business. That’s why our customers return to us again and again.

Experience You Can Rely On

When you have been in business for many decades, you get to know your industry well. We have provided HVAC solutions for some of the most challenging applications imaginable, so customers know when they come to us, we have the expertise to provide the answers they need. 

Unmatched Service from an ESOP Company

As a completely employee-owned enterprise, Watts Engineering is staffed by people with a vested interest in our customers’ satisfaction. As a result, architects trust us knowing they will be met with short response times and expert solutions whenever they call. We have created a company culture in which customer service is our top priority.

For top-tier HVAC products and premier service for your architectural HVAC needs, rely on Watts Engineering. To learn more about how we can help architects fulfill their plans, call us today at 205-285-2121.

Representing Manufacturers

Watts Engineering represents the most trusted manufacturers within the HVAC space. We believe a quality product is at the heart of quality service.