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We represent top-tier manufacturers that provide innovative solutions for every HVAC need. We believe quality solutions are only created by quality products, so we work only with trusted brands with a track record of durability and reliability.


Our team of sales people has decades of combined experience in HVAC solutions. Each of our sales representatives is also a co-owner in the company, which means we are all committed to customer satisfaction for the growth of our company.


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Celebrating 60 years in the HVAC industry, Watts Engineering looks after its customers. As a 100% Employee Owned Company, everyone here is focused on providing the expertise needed to implement quality products on your project.

Representing Manufacturers

Watts Engineering represents the most trusted manufacturers within the HVAC space. We believe a quality product is at the heart of quality service.

Mixed Flow Blower

Mixed Flow Blower

The Cook TMX: Mixed Flow Blower is designed for supply, exhaust, or return air applications. Performance ranges from 410 to 24,400 CFM with static pressures to 3” w.g. The TMX is offered in 12 sizes from 90 to 330. With the Cook Contour® axial-centrifugal hybrid impeller, these mixed-flow fans are more efficient than traditional centrifugal units. This provides you the opportunity to reduce motor horsepower and fan sound levels while using a smaller unit.
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